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It is the single most important physical attribute a person can possess.

Everyone from athletes, to accountants, and even Aunt Betty can improve their lives by getting stronger. Simply put, strong people move better, get injured less, and live a longer more robust life.

A coach for grown ups

In 2016 I opened the doors to a small training studio in my home as an alternative to the large commercial health clubs in our area. In the summer we also take our workouts outdoors and train in the quiet country setting, in the fresh air and sunshine. I wanted to create an environment where people felt welcome and comfortable training and learning under the guidance of an expert professional dedicated to your success. I have been helping students, business owners and corporate professionals all over the Greater Toronto Area get stronger, leaner and move better than they have in years.

At Steve Curtis Strength & Conditioning, we specialize in elite personal training for adults over 40. 

We train clients of all ages, but our typical client is 35-65 years of age and seeking a better quality of life through a comprehensive training program that is sensible, safe, and simple.

Many of our clients have already been on the merry-go-round of fads and gimmicks and training programs that don’t deliver results. Right away you’ll recognize that we are different in our attitude towards our clients and our expertise and professionalism in what we do.

Some of our new clients will have no experience at all with a formalized exercise program. Not to worry, we love working with novices, and will help guide you every step of the way on a path to better health & fitness.

An Individualized Approach

You are an individual with a unique set of needs
and goals. We treat you as such.

All in-person training is conducted in a private or semi-private training session with your coach. Client's form and technique is constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure safety and effectiveness at all times.

Every client is placed on an individualized program based on their needs, goals, abilities, and level of experience.

Workout by workout we will progress you through your training program (and at times push you) at a pace appropriate for you. We will make sure you are making consistent and steady progress week by week, month by month.

Strength Focused Training

My clients come to me initially with a varied and broad assortment of needs and goals.

Some need to lose weight. Some need to gain weight. Many clients have a host of health issues they are trying to resolve.  Some are active in sports or competitions that are physically demanding.  Almost all are unhappy with the way that they currently look and feel.

At the heart of all of these issues is a lack of basic strength and muscle mass, and an unfamiliarity with how to strength train correctly. As we age, our body begins to rapidly lose strength and shed muscle mass. If you don’t address this issue it can have severe consequences later in life.

A training program that is primarily focused on building strength and muscle is the first step towards achieving your individual goals. It is the foundation that almost everyone lacks, both men and woman, and is the place where we start our clients.

Increasing strength and muscle will improve your appearance and speed up your metabolism. More strength and muscle will improve your resistance to disease such as osteoporosis, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It will help you live longer and you will be more resistant to injury. More strength will improve your performance in sport and in life.

A stronger body will give you more energy, more vigor and vitality, and more confidence to pursue the things you love in life.

Fully Equipped Private Gym

Large health clubs and chaotic large group classes simply don’t provide most people the results they are looking for. You will get hot, sweaty and tired, but your body will adapt very quickly to this stress and improvement will soon stall. The environment is not always welcoming to the person with little or no experience in the gym and there is rarely anyone available that is qualified to help you along the way.

My private gym is set up to do just the opposite. Our private and semi-private training sessions ensure that you always get the one on one coaching you need to help you train safely and effectively at each and every workout.

My gym is not open to public membership and we don’t conduct large group classes. You’ll never have to battle a crowd of other gym goers and you’ll never have to hunt down your coach for help or advice.

You can feel comfortable while you workout and you’ll have the support of other clients who are working towards the same goals you are.

We have a small Private facility in a peaceful, rural setting, we have everything you need for a great training session.


Bolton, ON


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