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What is GPP?

GPP is an acronym for General Physical Preparedness. For an athlete, lifter or average person, GPP can mean different things.

The lifter will benefit from this type of training by strengthening components of their lifts in a different ways. This will have the long term effect of helping to increase their numbers.

For the athlete, any training that is done that is not specific to their sport (skill work or playing the actual game) will be considered GPP. For example strength training can help a tennis player hit the ball harder, but it is not specific to tennis.

For the average person working on each of the 10 fundamental components of fitness will have tremendous beneficial carry over to everyday life.

  1. Strength-The ability to create force. What if you did not have the strength to climb back to your feet after falling to the floor? Imagine being able to move furniture and lift heavy bags on your own. What if everything in the world around you felt lighter?

  2. Speed-The ability to minimize the time cycle of a given movement.

  3. Power-The ability to apply force quickly.

  4. Mental Toughness-The ability to push yourself out of your comfort zone and ignore pain. Developing the ability to remain calm when the going gets tough.

  5. Endurance-Your capability to sustain long periods of activity such as walking, running, cycling or performing a high number of repetitions.

  6. Cardio Capacity-Your heart and lung’s ability to deliver oxygen to the working muscles and carry out a given task effectively.

  7. Balance & Coordination-Perform movements with precision and grace. Control the placement of your body with accuracy.

  8. Agility-Move quickly from one movement pattern to another, being nimble on your feet or on the floor.

  9. Stability-Preventing movement in one part of the body while creating movement in another.

  10. Mobility-Having a full range of motion through joints and muscles.

A thoughtfully designed fitness program will address each of these components to some extent. There is a time and place for more specific training as well. Hopefully this will give you some insight into how GPP training can help you in your fight to be the best you can be. If you would like some help putting all of the puzzle pieces together please don't hesitate to drop me a line.




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