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Steve Curtis Strength & Conditioning: Quarantine Bodyweight Training Program

Gym closed, but you want to continue with your fitness routine at home?

Self isolating? Social distancing?

Everyone has been asking me how they can keep up with their workouts when they are isolated at home without any equipment.

Here's a 3 week mini cycle that can be done using your own bodyweight and if possible, a Suspension Trainer. It's a typical training program (using bodyweight as the resistance instead of weights) that I prescribe to my clients depending on their needs. If you need something more individualized just give me a shout. This program will allow you to maintain or even improve your strength and overall fitness at home during these difficult times. Sprinkle in some sound nutrition and light conditioning or walking on your off days and the results will come.

If you don't have a TRX Suspension Trainer or a Jungle Gym XT, here is an inexpensive "make your own" option.

  • This is a full body workout that you can perform 3 times a week.

  • Take a day or two off in between workouts to allow your body to recover and adapt.

  • Have a weight vest, chains, bands? Feel free to use them.

  • Want to include 1 or maybe 2 HIIT sessions each week? As long as your recovery is on point, go ahead, but keep them short....5-10 mins.

  • Be sure to perform a full body dynamic warm up before starting. I've provided a simple one below, but feel free to do the dynamic warm up of your choice.

  • Remember to cool down for a few minutes at the end with some Foam Rolling/Stretching/Focused Breathing to get your CNS back into a parasympathetic (Rest & Digest) state and out of a sympathetic (Fight or Flight) state.

  • Perform each rep with laser focus and picture perfect form throughout the entire range of motion. The lowering (eccentric) portion should be slow, then pause in the bottom for 1-2 seconds. If your form breaks down, the set is done! Quality over quantity, don't just go through the motions to get the reps in.

Full Body Warmup

Bird Dogs x5 each side

Fire Hydrants x5 each way each leg

Walking Spiderman w/Reach x3 each side

YTWL x:10 each position

Body-Weight Squat x10

Side Plank Clam Combo x10 each side

Band Pull Aparts x10-20

Pushups x10

Jumping Jacks x10

Perform the following exercises circuit style (i.e. 1A rest, 1B rest, 1C rest, etc. Repeat all group 1 sets and reps before moving on to group 2).

Day 1


Sets x Reps

1A - Single Leg Hip Thrust

3 x 8-12 Each Leg

(Complete all reps on one leg, then the other)

1B - Pushup

3 x 8-12

1C - Reverse Lunge

3 x 8-12 Each Leg

(Complete all reps on one leg, then the other)

1D - Neutral Grip Inverted Row

3 x 8-12

1E - TRX Body Saw

3 x AMAP

(AMAP = As Many Reps As Possible)

Day 2


Sets x Reps

1A - Pike Pushup

3 x 5-10

1B - Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

3 x 5-10

(Complete all reps on one leg, then the other)

1C - Chin Up

3 x 3-8

(Perform Band Assisted or Jumping Eccentric Chin Ups if necessary)

2A - Alternating Ankle Touch


2B - Frog Pumps


Day 3


Sets x Reps

1A - Wide Grip Inverted Rows

3 x 8-12

1B - Alternating Cossack Squat

3 x 8-16 Total Reps

(Use suspension straps or a doorframe for light assistance if needed)

1C - Chair Chest Dips

3 x 3-10

Or an easier version.....

2A - Wall Sit

3 x 15-60 Seconds

2B - Hollow Body Hold

3 x 15-60 Seconds

If you need to progress, regress or substitute any of these exercises, simply email me or message me on Facebook and I'll help you out.

Push yourself. Set personal records. Don't do junk volume with the same resistance over and over.

Focus, do less with more intention!

Don't let these challenging times stop your fitness routine, it's more important to maintain your health now more than ever. If you would like more training programs delivered to you digitally in 3 week mini cycles, feel free to contact me anytime.

Now get after it and do the work!



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